Getting started

All your learning activities can be found in the My learning area within the Learning Hub. You can locate resources you’ve accessed, view when they were last accessed and if you completed them or not.  

Access to My learning is via the main navigation bar (A). It will only be visible once you have signed into the Learning Hub.

If you are viewing the Learning Hub via a tablet, then My learning can be accessed by using the Menu button.

Itemised activity

My learning displays an Itemised activity table. This table details everything you have accessed in the Learning Hub.

You can search for your learning activity by entering a search term in the search box (A). This will only search your learning activity and not the entire Learning Hub. Results will be displayed placing your search term as the filter. To return to your full Itemised activity, either select Clear all filters or use the remove the search terms and click search.

Date filters (B) enable quick filtering on your activity. The options available are This week, This month, Last 12 months and Completed. Using these filters will reduce your itemised activity list to only show activity within the selected date period. 

The activity table has five columns.

  • Learning resource (C) – The title of the resource you have viewed. This provides a link to the resource
  • Version (D) The version number of the resource you have viewed
  • Type (E) – The type of resource you have viewed, for example, article, image, video etc. If the resource is a video, the duration will also be displayed
  • Status (F) – The completion status of the resource

Use the Generate report (H) button to create a printable and downloadable report of your activity (this will be covered later in this article).

More filters

Select the 'Filter results' link (A) to explore a more comprehensive range of filters.

Select either All dates or add a Start date and End date for your filtered activity list (B). You will also see the filters displayed in the previous Itemised activity screen. To filter on the resource activity status, select one of the five options available (C). You can further reduce the returned results by selecting the resource types that you would like to see (D).

Then select Apply (E) to apply the filter based on the criteria. Select 'Clear all filters' (F) to remove search criteria.

Applied filters will always be visible in your Itemised activity (G). Use the Clear all filters (H) to remove them all.

Video resources in Itemised activity

Video and audio resources track completion differently to other types of resource. Video and audio resources are only marked as complete when they have been played in full.

Every time a video or audio resource is played, a new entry will appear in your Itemised activity that shows your progress, including the total played time so far and the date and time you last played it. A completion percentage is also displayed. Select view progress (A) to see a detailed breakdown of your activity for this resource.

Your progress highlights the segments of the video that have and have not been played. The progress bar is colour coded to reflect the different segments of the video. You can select each segment. Selecting any segment will show the duration that has been played, or not played (B), with the selected segment outlined in yellow.

To move between segments, you can select them with your mouse or finger (for touch screens), use the tab key on your keyboards (shift + tab to move in reverse), or select the previous and next section buttons on screen (C).

Select Activity details to expand the Your progress screen. This provides an overview of the segments that have been both played and not played. An option to play any unwatched segments is available here (D).

Use the close cross to return to your Itemised activity.

Generate report

You can create a report on your filtered or unfiltered Itemised activity list. If a report is required for all activity, select Generate report (A) to view your report.

If only specific activity is required for your report, use the filters to ensure only the required resources are listed in your Itemised activity. Once the filters have been added, they will be shown above your activity results (B).

Use Generate report (A) to view your report.

When the report is displayed, select Print to create and print the report.

It is at this point an option to save the report (to PDF, for example) will be available. The appearance of this will vary depending on your browser.

For example, if using Google Chrome, select Destination to switch from your printer location to Save as PDF. A similar process will  be required in other browsers.