Getting started

The Learning Hub can save your favourite and important resources as Bookmarks. These bookmarked resources can be displayed individually, in a list format, or you can create folders to store and organise your bookmarked resources. To view your bookmarked resources from anywhere in the Learning Hub, select the bookmark icon, positioned to the right of the Search bar (A).

When selecting the bookmark icon (A), a new window will slide from the right side of your screen, highlighting all the bookmarked resources and folders you have created. If no bookmarks or folders have been created, the menu will appear empty (B), with instructions about the new window.

Adding resources as bookmarks

All resource cards and resource pages on the Learning Hub will have a bookmark icon.  For resource cards, this will be at the top right-hand corner. On resource pages, the bookmark icon is situated on the right of the screen with the resource’s information.

If a resource has yet to be added as a bookmark the bookmark icon will be clear (A). If a resource has already been added to your bookmarks the bookmark icon will be filled in (B).

To add or remove a bookmark, select the bookmark icon on the resource card or page. A window will appear with instructions about either naming your bookmark (C), or confirmation of your decision to delete the bookmark (D), depending on the action you are performing.

Once added or removed the appearance will change to highlight if the resources are bookmarked or not.

 To check if your resource has been bookmarked or removed from the bookmarks, select the bookmark icon next to the search bar to see all your bookmarks (see previous instructions Getting started).

Bookmarks list

Using the main bookmarks icon (A), open your bookmarks window to see all the bookmarks you have added. As mentioned previously, if no bookmarks have been added, this window will appear blank.

In the image above, one bookmark has been added in a list format (no folders) (B). There are options (C) available and the ability to Add a folder (D). Use the Help (E) option to contact support for further assistance.

Adding resources to folders

To help organise your bookmarks, you can create folders. Use Add a folder (D) to create a new folder. Options will also appear in line with this folder, like the Options seen in the above image.

Select Rename to change the title of your bookmarked resource (or folder), in this list (not the actual resource).

Select Move up/Move down to change the order of your bookmarks and folders (Move up/Move down will only be available if your resource/folder can move further up or down the list).

Select Delete to remove the bookmarked resource (or folder) from your bookmarks. You will be prompted to confirm this action.

The (0) next to the folder in this example indicates how many resources are inside the folder.

Select Move to… to move your resource/folder to another location. The Options menus for each available location will change to Move here.

Select Move here next to your intended location and your resource/folder will move, with confirmation of this action visible on screen for several seconds. The folder will change colour to green, to show it is populated, and the number will show the number of resources inside.

Continue to Add folders and bookmarks inside of these folders to organise your resources.

If you need further assistance after reading this overview article, please use the Help button at the top of the bookmarks window to contact the Learning Hub support team.