Now certificates are available on the Learning Hub we can look at the different ways we can access certificates.  

When you have completed a learning resource, with an eligible certificate, the certificate can be accessed in two places: 

Certificates on resource page

The first place to find your new certificate is on the resource page.

Your certificate is located just below the title of the learning resource. Just click the button that says "View Certificate". 

Certificates in 'My Learning'

The other way to access to your certificates is within the 'My Learning' section of the Learning Hub. 

On this page you will find a record of your activity against learning resources on the Learning Hub. 

Your learning activity is split into five separate columns. One of these columns has the header 'Certificate'. When you completed a resource with a certificate you will see a link appear that says 'View certificate'. 

Clicking on this link navigates you to a page to access your certificate.

Certificate details

To view your certificate click on the 'View certificate' button. This will then navigate you to a new page that will display your certificate. 

On this new page, just below the resource name you will see a button that will allow you to download your certificate as a PDF. 

Below this you will see a copy of your certificate displayed in the browser. Your certificate is separated into two sections. 

The first section will display the high level information of your name, the resource you completed, the date you completed it and the date the certificate was generated. 

The second section displays a summary of your activity against that resource which includes some additional information that is not included in the first section.