This support article offers guidance on how to make the most of your contributed resources once they have been published on the Learning Hub. Increasing the visibility of your shared resources is important so that other users can find them and get maximum benefit from anything you contribute.

The title of the resource is perhaps its most important feature. A concise and relevant title enables users to immediately understand what it is they are looking at when your resource is returned in search results. Another important feature is the description as users will rely on this to understand if it meets their search requirements, or if they are interested enough to access it.

When resources are returned in search results, users will see the title and the description, so choosing the first few words of your description is very important. Think of it like a newspaper article, where the main points of the story are highlighted immediately in the first couple of sentences and then it includes more detail.

You can add keywords when you contribute a resource. The more relevant the keywords are, the greater visibility the resource will have in search results. Think of the words users might enter to search for the resource, so that it appears in search results. Consider the content of the resource (text, images etc.) and enter as many relevant keywords as you can.

Deciding on the licence you need to apply to the resource is important. Think carefully about the resource you have, if you are allowed to share it, and if you are, which licence you need to apply when publishing it to the Learning Hub.

The Learning Hub offers four licences with each one placing a different set of restrictions on the resource. You can learn more about the licences via the Creative Commons website. The Learning Hub support team cannot advise or help you to select a licence type, so do consider this carefully before you publish the resources.

You must attribute at least one author to the resource. Adding the correct author(s) will result in more users finding the resource and adds a level of trust. Offer as much detail as you can about each of the authors and remember to check the box if you are an author or co-author. Users can find resources on the Learning Hub by searching for an author or co-author.

It is important to understand that you can enter details of the resource at any time before you choose to publish it by selecting the Save for later option. This means that the resource will remain in draft, in the My contributions area, ready to be completed and published at a time that suits you.

Under Audience access you can set the audience you wish to make your selected resource available to.

Publishing Options:

  • 'Make this resource available to everyone within the Learning Hub community' – this will make the resource available to everyone to access/contibute, including General users who are not part of the NHS or social care workforce
  • 'Make this resource available only to the NHS and Social Care workforce community' – only Learning Hub users with full user type will be able to contibute to the Case.