Getting started

Catalogues on the Learning Hub can include a content structure (folders) to help organise resources. Content structure can be added to the catalogue by your catalogue administrators. See help article Catalogues - creating content structure.

Once the catalogue’s content structure has been created, catalogue editors can contribute or move resources within any of the folders or sub folders within the catalogue.

Catalogue navigation

Having accessed My contributions, select Change catalogue (A) to navigate to the catalogue that requires resources to be added.

A series of menu options are available for each catalogue. To see the content structure, select All content (B). This will display the content structure and all resources that have been placed into the structure.

Content structure navigation

When viewing the content structure, there are several key elements. Within each level of the structure, be that the root or an individual folder, there is the option to Contribute a resource here (A). Selecting any of these Contribute a resource here links will navigate you to the standard contribute form to upload a resource. The resource will be uploaded at that level of the structure.

Folders are shown in an open (B) or closed (C) position. If open, the contents and structure of the folder is shown underneath (B). If closed, the folder’s contents is not currently visible on screen (C). Select the folder to toggle between the two states (open or closed).

Resources are shown with basic information next to them (D). This will be the case for resources placed both inside and outside of folders (in the root).

Options (E) are available for all resources. These include the ability to Edit the resource or Move the resource to another folder within the structure.

Editing resources

Selecting Edit from the Options menu of an individual resource in the catalogue content structure will open the original contribute form of the resource, where Keywords, Authors, Descriptions etc. can be edited.

A message will appear once Edit is selected to confirm that any edits made will create a new version of this resource on the Learning Hub. Select Continue or Cancel from this window to proceed or stop editing the resource.

All edits can be Published, saved as a draft or discarded from the contribute form.

Moving resources

Selecting Move from a resource’s Options menu, changes the appearance (A) of the screen to highlight where the resource can be moved to (B). Move here will be shown next to all available locations for the resource.

Select either Cancel move (A) to stop the process, or any instance of Move here (B) to move the resource to that location. Selecting either option will return the screen to its original state with the resource in either its original or new location (depending which option was selected).