Getting Started

There are several different roles associated with a catalogue. An individual may hold one or several of these roles within an individual catalogue(s).

Please note that General users cannot be designated as an Owner, Admin or Editor of a Catalogue. 

Catalogue Owner

The catalogue owner is the key Organisational contact for a catalogue, responsible for strategic decisions around content, branding and roles. Catalogue owners may be standalone or they may also hold the additional role(s) of administrator / editor.


Catalogue Administrator (Admin)

The catalogue administrator can add and edit the content structure (folders) within the a catalogue.

If the catalogue is a restricted catalogue, then they are also responsible for managing access to the catalogue. They can invite users to the catalogue and also accept / decline requests to access the catalogue. Catalogue administrators receive an email notification informing them of the request for access and can accept or deny access.

The following video tutorial demos how to manage access requests.

This is done by selecting the option Manage this catalogue within the catalogue itself. The easiest way to navigate a catalogue is using the catalogue URL.



Tabs then become visible for managing access requests, viewing users that have access to the catalogue and Folders, which is where content structure is added. See here for more information on how to add content structure to a catalogue.




Catalogue Editor (Editor)

Catalogue editors can contribute and manage resources assigned to the catalogue. This is done via by selecting My Contributions at the top of the homepage. The Change catalogue (A) dropdown is used to select the appropriate catalogue.