Users can contribute SCORM 1.2 packages to the Learning Hub. The SCORM 1.2 contribution screen includes the ability to generate an Electronic Staff Record (ESR) learning object link. This link is visible to other users and enables the playing of content via the ESR system.  To find out more visit:  SCORM contribution guidance  

When contributing SCORM packages to the Learning Hub it is important that content meets the following the guidance: 

  1. The elearning content must meet SCORM 1.2 compliance.  This will ensure the content plays correctly via ESR and user activity is successfully recorded 

  2. The elearning content must be in a zip file format  

  3. The SCORM version (1.2) must be specified in the IMSmanifest file 

  4. The IMSmanifest file must be in the root of the SCORM zip file  

  5. The content does not contain flash (.swf) 

  6. To enable learners to play and interact with elearning content via ESR, it is important that local IT departments ensure: 

    • Web filters allow communication with domains:  

    • These IP domains/addresses are added to the Trusted Sites Security Zone in Internet Explorer 

For further ESR guidance visit ESR-NHS0167 – ESR e-Learning Content Guidance  

For further ESR technical guidance visit MM-0100 Organisation Site IT Printer and Network Infrastructure Readiness